How Airdrops still shocks the industry In 2021

How Airdrops still shocks the industry In 2021

Airdrops are dead… Is something we often hear from the industry. Whether they’re users looking for the next crypto airdrop that will make them rich. Or companies looking for large sums of capital in the Airdrop Alert community. Both sides of the coin don’t get what they’re looking for.

Does that mean the days of giveaway campaigns are over?

Hell no! It just means the industry’s developing.

In the example above, both the user and the company have unrealistic expectations that lead to disappointment. The truth is: you don’t get rich from freebies and you don’t find big capital in an audience looking for free stuff.

Fortunately, we have seen the airdrop industry mature over the past year, and here are some top examples of how airdrop campaigns are still relevant in 2021.

6 Effective ways to launch Airdrops in 2021

1] Holdlers Airdrops. (Spark)

Back to the base of the air drops. In the beginning there was only Bitcoin. Only a few years later, in 2011, the first altcoins such as Litecoin were launched. But after the launch of Ethereum in 2015, the real alto season started.

With limited interest from the general public, the new crypto coins had to find a way to reach the current owners of BTC and others. What better way to reach the current crypto enthusiasts by giving them a new coin?

This is how the early airdrops of Stellar, OMG (formerly OmiseGo) and Byteball worked. And today we see that this is still a very effective way with the Spark airdrop for Ripple (XRP) holders.

After the announcement was published, the Google search results in Google went up and the price of XRP increased by 123% in 30 days. We will have to see what it does to the price after the airdrop distribution. However, it is clear to see that this kind of campaigns create the desired brand awareness and community that the Flare Network (Spark) team is looking for.

2] Government Airdrops are here!

The very first crypto airdrop was Auroracoin. In 2014 this project gave away free coins to all citizens of Iceland and failed miserably.

At the end of 2018, President Maduro of Venezuela announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency Petro, including a drop if you sign up on their platform to claim it. The exchange also made it possible to trade with other crypto circles, leading to the conviction that Venezuela was targeting its own citizens to successfully launch the platform.

3 million dollars in Digital Yuan Giveaway…

At the time of writing (December 11, 2020), the Chinese city of Suzhou will begin distributing 20 million yuan of the Central Bank’s (CBDC’s) new digital currency to 100,000 Chinese citizens.

Not only will they give away the new digital Yuan, the government has also signed up 10,000 shops for their pilot program. This means that the currency has an immediate use, which usually leads to faster adoption.

When the Netherlands withdrew its De Nederlandse Gulden [Dutch guilder] coin in 2002 to adopt the euro, they gave away euros for free to all Dutch citizens. This is the same strategy as the governments, such as China, use today with new digital currencies supported by the governments. I expect we will see the same with the Digital Euro.

– Morten Christensen, CEO AirdropAlert

Let’s see how quickly other government-backed runners will use air drops in 2021.

3] Learning & Earning Programs

After Coinbase acquired Earn.com in 2017 they integrated the platform in their Exchange with their Learn and Earn program. The purpose of these programs is to inform users about a project while earning some crypto. A number of well-known names have joined forces with these programs on Coinbase to attract new crypto enthusiasts including EOS, BAT, Zcash, Compound & DAI.

This year, more exchanges and projects will start implementing these educational programs, and we expect an increase in Learn & Earn airdrops in 2021. With crypto companies like CoinMarketCap, Changelly, Binance & OKEx launching competitive programs in 2020, it’s a great signal to the rest of the industry.

4] DeFi Airdrops 2021 Coming up

Will DeFi create another boom, like the ICO’s did in 2017? Only time will tell.

What is striking, however, is the news about the air drops on the DeFi network. The SushiSwap & UNIswap air drops caused a lot of noise on the crypto news sources.

Simultaneously with the value trapped in the Defi industry, we see the amount of DeFi-token air drops rising. Today, projects such as KingSwap, Warp Finance & PEA farm have their giveaways on AirdropAlert.com. We expect an increase of DeFi Airdrops in 2021 if the sector keeps up the current growth rate.

5] Deposit bonus

This strategy works best when you increase your user retention. Someone who has money on your platform will come back sooner, right?

This marketing trick has been used for years, and today we see it being used successfully by casinos, exchanges, wallets and more.

Companies like Swissborg are currently running campaigns to stimulate the referral program, including deposit bonuses.

Investors who share their Wealth App referral code with others can earn Bitcoin. After the referred user has deposited a minimum of 50 EUR into their account, both the user and referrer will receive a ticket for free bitcoin, which can vary between 1 EUR, and for some lucky winners up to 100 EUR.

6] Right marketing

Growth hack, Funnel marketing, conversion optimizations. Nowadays these are all popular terms among digital marketers.

With the rise of airdrops in 2017, crypto-marketers found a holy grail by combining multiple layers of marketing at once: an airdrop. With a single campaign, they succeeded in building communities, creating brand awareness, growing their social media channels and finding users and investors, simply by handing out free tokens.

This hype could only last as long as the ICO rage. Today, we still see effective airdrop campaigns, but they are usually focused on growth for one or two specific areas, rather than an “all in one hype campaign”.

Airdrops in 2021 are best served as the top of the funnel: Awareness.

Once you start winning traffic and interest, you work your way through the funnel leading to a sale, an investment or an active user.

Last thoughts

More than 6 years since the first crypto airdrop, the series of endless crypto giveaways has not ended. On the contrary, they are evolving, and with the right strategy they are more successful than ever before.

No, your Telegrams group won’t grow to 100k members in a week. But is that really what you’re looking for?

If so, read this blog again from top to bottom and hopefully you’ll come to a different conclusion.

Whether you’re looking for an airdrop, a contest, a lottery or any other viral marketing campaign to shake up the industry in 2021, feel free to reach out to our team.


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