Morty & Rick originator auctioning NFT artwork collection

Morty & Rick originator auctioning NFT artwork collection

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The stage specified it would propose ‘numerous original artworks’ from Justin Roiland as a portion of his NFT gathering the Winklevoss possessed Nifty Gateway has proclaimed the auction of a crypto art group from the voice actor & co-creator overdue Adult Swim’s cult animation sequence Rick & Morty.

Rendering to a tweet from Nifty Gateway today, the non-fungible token, or NFT, the marketplace will be auctioning artwork from Morty & Rick co-creator Justin Roiland on January 19. The stage stated ‘numerous original artwork’ from Roiland would be obtainable as part of the collection.

The Rick & Morty co-creator 1st tweeted about BTC in 2015 & he stated the crypto asset throughout a GQ video previous June, saying spectators should ‘watch out for the economic collapse that is coming up — buy Bitcoin & crypto’. Though he then added: ‘Maybe do not do that’

Nifty Gateway has attained approximately notable sales auctioning NFT crypto art. In Dec. the marketplace hosted an auction containing a gathering of artwork enthused by technology, nature, & Star Wars that eventually sold for $3.5M, with one piece selling for $777,777. The preceding record set for the most valued artwork auctioned on the marketplace was detained by Trevor Jones’ NFT ‘Picasso’s Bull,’ which sold for $55,555.55 in Aug.

The Rick & Morty lively series has a well-recognized fan base, some of whom are crypto fans as well. José Delbo, a comic book artist who has also auctioned his NFTs on Nifty & had his art contained in the Eth-based computer-generated reality world Decentraland, named the entry of Roiland into the digital art world ‘very exciting’

‘With Jose blazing the trail it is countless to see other amazing comic & cartoonists enter the interplanetary with their fans,’ held Twitter user CryptoRich0x69.

‘What a great time in the past of art’


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