Lightning Network bulge count successes record high, TVL tops $42 Million

Lightning Network bulge count successes record high, TVL tops $42 Million


Will BTC’s best layer-two solution lastly graduate from experiment to ordinary utility, next to its adoption by main exchanges? The Lightning Network has full-grown 75% in size over the previous year, drumming a record great 8,900 nodes for the 1ST time on February 8, rendering to LN monitors at BTC Visuals.

An important amount of the increase happened more newly, signifying that some Bit coiners are sinking toward the layer 2 solution, possibly as a means of absconding ever-growing transaction fees.

The total Bitcoin locked in LN stations has continued in the 1,000 to 1,100 range meanwhile August 2020 — though the total dollar value has increased 250% in the intervening months, interpreting to a record $42.72M now locked on the network.

The total number of stations between nodes now stands at about 38,600, which is the maximum since May 2019. This count does not signify channels between secluded nodes.

3 years after launch, the Lightning Network is quite facing an uphill battle to on-board novel participants & is hitherto to attain a meaningful level of adoption. Numerous regular operators of BTC are off-put by the technical wants of funding a Lightning node & upholding a channel, favoring to stick with on-chain transactions pending the experience becomes less daunting.

Though big exchanges have begun to accept the network. In December 2020, Kraken shared its procedures to integrate the Lightning Network throughout the first half of 2021. OKEx made an alike statement initial last week & imagines to roll out LN support ‘in the coming quarter.’

Bitfinex, which has obtainable fee-less changes of LN funds for ended a year, has taken the additional stage of also supporting Liquid BTC, which is Blockstream’s rival smart contract-driven L2 solution. Both Lightning & Liquid BTC can willingly be exchanged for BTC on-chain at Bitfinex.

As more connections onboard 2nd  layer founded deposit & withdrawal choices for Bitcoin, inter-exchange fund transfers are foretold to become much earlier & cheaper, with standard transaction fees being substituted with Lightning’s median improper fee of 1 satoshi.

The Lightning Network was first conceived by Joseph Poon & Thaddeus Dryja, who available their white paper on the subject in January 2016. Knowing the limits of BTC’s then 1MB block size cap, Poon & Dryja set out to make a method in which BTC transactions could be completed off-chain. The consequence was an independent, smart contract grounded network that can aid Bitcoin scale to a much-advanced throughput of transactions per second.


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Published at Thu, 11 Feb 2021 17:59:57 +0000