India’s Biggest crypto exchange accepts decentralized Unstoppable Domains

India’s Biggest crypto exchange accepts decentralized Unstoppable Domains


India’s Biggest cryptocurrency exchange will usage Unstoppable Domains to make & host blockchain-based URLs, notwithstanding the nation’s imminent BTC ban. India’s Biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Unocoin, has accepted the blockchain founded Unstoppable Domains, which abridges crypto transactions by rotating blockchain addresses into human clear web URLs.

Proclaimed on Wed. the partnership between Unstoppable Domains & Unocoin — both subsidized by Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper — is predictable to decrease remittance costs & abridge the transaction procedure for the exchange’s 1.2M operators.

Unstoppable Domains goes crypto addresses into decentralized websites on the ETH & Zilliqa blockchains. In its place of distribution coins to a 42-character blockchain address, Unstoppable Domains lets users make humble URLs finale in ‘.crypto’ & ‘.zil’ extensions. Domain names requirement only be purchased once, & then exist persistently on the blockchain without needful any renewal or maintenance fees.

The decentralized feature of Unstoppable Domains should be of specific interest to Indian crypto users, particularly amid the furor shaped by the Finance Ministry’s decision to prohibit the usage of BTC & other cryptocurrencies.

Pushback in contradiction of the country’s strategy to outlaw cryptocurrency has arisen on social media in the procedure of the #IndiaWantsBitcoin campaign. Notwithstanding regulatory doubt, the co-founder & CEO of Unocoin, Sathvik Vishwanath, get the adoption of Unstoppable Domains as being in line with the maturing of the crypto industry in India. Vishwanath held:

‘The cryptocurrency space is growing. In line with the development of the industry, Unocoin purposes to offer its users the best possible experience. Mixing the .crypto domain is an important step not only for Unocoin operators but also for additional exchanges in the country traveling simpler & more user-friendly choices for their users.’

Brad Kam Unstoppable Domains co-founder referenced the unwillingness of the Indian government to permit the feast of cryptocurrency within its limits:

‘India’s population has been factually scorned from cryptocurrency. Unstoppable Domains is happy to deliver the seamless sending & receiving of cryptocurrency to Unocoin’s users. Our goal is to simplify cryptocurrency addresses, & found human-readable names as the domain standard crossways wallets & exchanges.’

On Wed. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das reiterated the central bank’s meaning to generate its personal centrally delivered currency, the digital rupee. This follows a mutual tendency that has arisen in recent years as national governments effort to reign-in the feast of decentralized cryptocurrencies & substitute them with digital forms of current fiat currencies.

Cointelegraph reported Unstoppable Domains was later combined into Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Resolver, sense any web browser can now admission the .crypto URL extensions.

A spokesperson for Unstoppable Domains established to Cointelegraph that even if Unocoin were to be shut down in the close future, the addresses & URLs created through the stage would remain unaffected.


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Published at Thu, 25 Feb 2021 08:27:24 +0000