Opposite Finance seizes tokens, ships code: Introductions stablecoin loaning protocol

Opposite Finance seizes tokens, ships code: Introductions stablecoin loaning protocol


One of DeFi’s oddest experiments endures pushing the cover in both architecture & governance. Soon after discarding its community of sedentary members, one of decentralized finance’s oddest experiments is the initiation of a new stablecoin loaning product.

On Wednesday Inverse Finance exposed the Anchor Protocol, a money market built around DOLA, a protocol-native artificial stablecoin. Built on a modified fork of Compound,’ in a blog post Opposite Finance founder Nour Haridy compares Anchor to Synthetix, which subjects credit in the procedure of synthetic assets back by overleveraged collateral, & Compound, which subjects credit in the procedure of crypto-asset loans also sponsored by overleveraged collateral.

Eventually, Haridy realizes these models as if the same utility.

‘Loaning & synthetic protocols both suggest the same service: credit. Anchor carries the gap between them by uniting them into a united borrowing protocol.’

Anchor goals to accomplish this with a sole architecture that always luxuries the DOLA token as ‘$1 collateral that can be rummage-sale to borrow other assets notwithstanding of DOLA’s market conditions or peg.’ Operators deposit collateral, mint DOLA, & then can usage DOLA to take out loans in other crypto assets or just earn a yield on DOLA.

‘For over-collateralized leveraged & borrowers traders, we proposal a one-stop-shop where they can share their collaterals crosswise their synthetic & token borrowing positions, permitting higher capital efficacy & higher leverage,’ declares Haridy.

Haridy envisions Anchor will usage DOLA for protocol-to-protocol loaning alike to Cream’s Iron Bank, for undercollateralized lending (long a prize in DeFi), & for the protocol to ‘lend itself’ credit to follow yield farming occasions.

No dead weight

Possibly more interesting than Reverse’s development at the protocol coating are the moves they made previously in the week at the governance layer.

In what might be a DeFi governance first, On Saturday, February 20, Opposite community members put forth two governance suggestions to seize INV — Inverse’s presently non-transferrable governance token — from sedentary community members. On Thursday, February 25, the proposals passed, & not everyone was happy with the consequence.

Haridy speaks that the timing was deliberate — right as Anchor, a protocol that strength make a revenue for the DAO, makes to the presentation, the community sheds freeloaders.

‘We wanted to weed out our dead weight to regain some tokens for re-distribution to novel active members soon. We also shaped an INV grants committee with the power to prize contributors & add new members to the DAO. Moreover, when free riders are detached, active members become more incentivized to donate because they get a greater piece of the pie.’

Though the unparalleled move may appear harsh, it’s also just applying to governance the kind of violent style that put Opposite Finance on the map in the primary place. By convincing token holders to contribute under the danger of seized tokens, it is aided with the development of Anchor as well.

‘This is a collaborative exertion among many DAO members preliminary from ideation to development to internal appraisals & testing,’ says Haridy.

The following step for Inverse will be receiving Anchor off the ground, & making for a world in which INV becomes tradable. Haridy held there’s a rising consensus in the community for credibility. This would nasty that the DAO would give up the power to seize tokens, which might alter Reverse’s community landscape.

Haridy, though, appears unfazed by the looming shifts, previously making the next innovation.

‘This will meaningfully change the existing inducements & may reduce participation. Luckily, there’s some work on a new another governance model that’s been happening inside to address this problem.’


Head of the technology.

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