Three reasons why Reef Finance, Bridge Mutual & Morpheus Network are uniting

Three reasons why Reef Finance, Bridge Mutual & Morpheus Network are uniting


Robust fundamentals & novel partnerships back the strong meetings in Morpheus Network, Bridge Mutual & Reef Finance. As novel institutional & retail investors arrive the cryptocurrency interplanetary on an everyday basis, large-cap top players like BTC & ETH entice the lion’s part of investor’s care as they are the famous ‘secure’ blockchain projects.

Once these novel investors become a taste of the mainstay cryptocurrencies & how to circumnavigate the instable markets, their care soon turns to smaller cap coins as they search for the up-and-coming projects that might be the following big thing.

Presently, CoinMarketCap displays that there are 8,475 tokens & more are additional daily. This makes it problematic to keep up with the newest developments & find solid projects with practical potential.

With that in mind, here are few interesting projects that have been ahead strength over the previous some weeks.


Morpheus Network is a blockchain stage attentive on logistics & supply chain optimization finished the custom of its SaaS middleware stage which is combined with developing technologies.

Supply chain managers are capable to use the stage to create a digital representation of their network as information calm is transformed into criminal data, with all stages in the supply chain existence notarized on the Morpheus blockchain.

MRPH was trading at a price of $0.412 on January 15 before an influx of trading action lifted the token more than 920% to a high of $4.44 on February 8.

The fast rise in price was due in share to the fresh care the project received from numerous well-known YouTube influencers & new verifiable MRPH partnerships, like China’s Qingdao Maple Leaf International Trading Co. & the option of a partnership with Coca-Cola in Latin America.

Conjectures aside, the Morpheus stage currently has more than 100 additions with industry-leading service providers with DHL, SWIFT, FedEx, Oracle, & Salesforce. With important real-world partnerships & the care of cryptocurrency influencers, MRPH has robust fundamentals & is likely to gain more attention from investors.


Bridge Mutual is a more new arrival to the decentralized insurance interplanetary but it has rapidly gathered the care of investors.

The insurance stage proposals coverage for stablecoins, centralized exchanges & keen contracts. It also permits operators to provide insurance coverage, determine insurance payouts, & recie remunerated for captivating part in the ecosystem.

BMI’s initial decentralized exchange offering was led on January 30 with a token price of $0.125 & it was first registered on Uniswap for $1.03. Meanwhile listing, BMI has united by 540% to a high of $5.46 on Feb. 3. Presently, BMI trades at $3.24 subsequent the downturn in the market that started on February 21.

Decentralized insurance has thus far been conquered by Nexus Mutual (NXM), but BMI’s influx proposals a fresh contestant to a field with rising demand due to the risky nature of investing in DeFi platforms.


Reef  is a Polkadot-based DeFi stage that goals to proposal cross-chain trading powered by a harvest engine & smart liquidity aggregator that allows automation of the exchange process.

One issue Reef developers hope to deliver a solution for is high gas fees on the ETH blockchain that are presently making DeFi unusable for countless community participants. The squad also hopes to aid connect liquidity pools from distinct networks, evading the need for multiple accounts which can be problematic to keep track of.

Work on the project started in the second half of 2020 with the completion of its IDO on September 30. Subsequent its listing on Binance & Uniswap in late December of 2020, REEF price bottomed out at $0.0067 on January 13 & has meanwhile augmented more than 750% to a high of $0.054 on February 11.

DeFi leftovers one of the hottest growing areas in the cryptocurrency sector & Reef is well-positioned to capitalize on its sustained growth. As the Polkadot ecosystem produces its operator base & delivers solutions that provide relief from high ETH transaction costs, cross-chain functionality projects like Reef stand ready to advantage as decentralized finance goes normal.


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Published at Sun, 28 Feb 2021 09:14:30 +0000