Best three NFT brands’ sales increases 381% in February

Best three NFT brands’ sales increases 381% in February


The NFT explosion is one amongst the foremost talked concerning events for crypto in 2021, with sales from many platforms breaking records on a weekly basis.

NFTs had their best month ever in Gregorian calendar month, in step with a report by DApp statistics trackers at DappRadar. Sales volume from the highest 3 platforms grew to $342 million in Gregorian calendar month, up virtually four-hundredth from the $71 million recorded the month before.

Sports record platform NBA prime Shot dominated the arena and is currently chargeable for sixty seven of total NFT dealings volume. The opposite NFT DApps within the prime 3 square measure OpenSea, a general crypto collectibles market and CryptoPunks, associate degree Ethereum-based collectibles series. CryptoPunks generated incomparable high sales of $79M with the ground worth of punks increasing from $10,000 to a median of $32,000.

The DappRadar report conjointly mentioned the tremendous rise within the quality of generative art, that is art created a minimum of partly by autonomous systems.

High gas fees on the Ethereum network saw many DeFi and NFT comes move off the platform in Gregorian calendar month, in favor of these with less expensive transactions. Binance Chain recently surpassed Ethereum in terms of dealings volume and distinctive active notecase count and also the report noted the ascension of many imitator NFT comes on Binance Chain, like Binance Punks and Bashmarks.

Despite high gas fees, statistics from CryptoSlam show that seven of last month’s prime ten popular NFT product square measure still hosted on Ethereum. NBA prime Shot uses the Flow blockchain and also the remaining 2 arehosted on WAX.

The quickest rising whole among the highest ten is CryptoKitties, that saw a revival in quality as month-over-month sales enlarged over 1,300%. The most recent entrant to position in CryptoSlam’s prime ten sales list is Capcom’s Street Fighter II series, that is presently #8, with $1.26 M in sales since its Gregorian calendar month. 16 launch.

NFTs garnered such a lot attention within the 1st six weeks of the year that CoinMarketCap adscititious an obsessive section for the sect on Gregorian calendar month. 15.

A record worth for one NFT sale was assault in February. Twenty six once a Beeple Crossroads NFT sold for $6.6 million, quite a hundred times its original worth.

On Mar. 2, a brand new NFT sales record was set once electronic music creator 3LAU sold $11.6 M price of NFTs from his own web site during a single evening. Solely hours earlier, musician Grimes completed $5.8 M in NFT sales in twenty minutes.

Not everyone seems to be affected by the fast rise of NFTs. On Mar. 2, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee compared the surge in NFT quality to the ICO craze that occurred through a lot of 2017. He believes their relative simplicity and low barrier to entry can encourage widespread adoption of cryptocurrency, however that ultimately “few (NFTs) can hold and have worth.”


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