BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes & Ben Delo sell surrender to U.S. authorities

BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes & Ben Delo sell surrender to U.S. authorities


Court transcripts have exposed that BitMEX’s fugitive executives Arthur Hayes & Ben Delo are negotiating a submission with U.S. authorities. The previous CEO of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, is in talks to surrender to U.S. authority’s subsequent month about charges that authorities levied in contradiction of 4 of the exchange’s executives & co-owners in Oct.

Records of a court teleconference dated February 16 specify Hayes will submission to the U.S. in Hawaii on April 6. Hayes & his parallel executives are accused of sacrilegious the Bank Secrecy Act by the U.S. Department of Justice & the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The transcript particulars the assistant U.S. attorney Jessica Greenwood’s commentaries to the judge ruling over the case, with Greenwood representative she has been in meetings with Hayes concerning the expected voluntary surrender. Hayes is presently located in Singapore, with the lawyer noting Hayes hopes to endure residing abroad but will seem within the U.S for proceedings should the experimental go to court.

‘We have deliberated with counsel how to position for a voluntary surrender, & he has future appearing within the U.S in Hawaii & having his initial appearance there & then,’ she held, adding:

‘The impression would be that he would seem originally in Hawaii, then appear before your Honor at all, & then he would continue to reside abroad with travel to the U.S for appearances as needed and, of course, if there is a trial, that he would seem within the U.S for that trial in New York.’

Greenwood also exposed that BitMEX co-owner Ben Delo means to surrender in New York by the finish of the month. However, she renowned they are presently working with the FBI & Border Patrol to get migration authorization allowing him to travel to the U.S, notwithstanding Delo currently being subject to a U.K. travel ban.

The advocate also specified that while fellow co-owner Greg Dwyer has weakened to surrender, extradition minutes have been started to bring him back from Bermuda.

‘With admiration to the remaining 3 defendants, we’ve been in contact with counsel deliberating the option of appearing. They’ve all made pictures about for when & how they’ll appear,’ Greenwood held. Though, she added:

‘We have no guarantees at this opinion that any of those things will occur.’

BitMEX CTO, Samuel Reed, was arrested in Massachusetts as the charges were existence charged against BitMEX in Oct. Reed was unconfined from custody after a $5M bond was paid that similar month, with Reed approving to comply with sentencing proceedings.

In reply to the hearing, the judge strongminded it was not ‘reasonably possible’ for a motion & trial schedule to be recognized. The judge arranged a follow-up conference for May.

Previous month, Hayes broke months of stillness to post an article to BitMEX’s authorized blog calling for a boycott of legacy finance in reply to trading stages shutting down trade among the GameStop pump engineered by subreddit, r/WallStreetBets.


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