3 million active users facilitate elevate Audius (AUDIO) to a brand new incomparable high

3 million active users facilitate elevate Audius (AUDIO) to a brand new incomparable high


Audius value hit a brand new incomparable high once the localised music streaming platform surpassed three million active users and developers hinted at future NFT integrations.

As blockchain technology more and more becomes a part of the thought speech, its integration with today’s most used technologies is sure to increase. This suggests that it’s solely a matter of your time before video streaming, digital music and social media see gradual blockchain integrations surface.

Audius (AUDIO) is one project that’s chasing the first-mover advantage within the music streaming sector. The music-sharing and streaming protocol facilitates transactions between creators and listeners, creating it comparatively easy for users to distribute and legitimatise audio content.

The project has received increasing attention for its approach to centrifugal the music business and on March 2 the team celebrated reaching three million monthly active users.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and Trading View shows that the worth of AUDIO surged 108% since the beginning of March from a coffee of $0.38 to a brand new incomparable high of $0.79 on March four because the altcoin’s mercantilism volume spiked from $3 million to a record $55 million.

Staking incentives drive user adoption

The first major increase in users followed the project’s February 2020 launch and therefore the activation of staking on the Audius platform in February month. This enabled AUDIO holders to earn a seven-membered yield for tokens that were staked on the network whereas they taking note of music and interacted with the protocol.

By the tip of Jan, the platform had one.8 million active users and a complete of 122 million AUDIO tokens staked on the network. These figures have since multiplied to three million users and a complete of 182.5 million staked AUDIO because the platform continues to integrate new options that incentivize community involvement.

VORTECS™ information from Cointelegraph Markets professional began to find a optimistic outlook for AUDIO on February. 28, before the recent value rise.

The VORTECS™ score, exclusive to Cointelegraph, is associate recursive comparison of historic and current market conditions derived from a mixture of information points together with market sentiment, mercantilism volume, recent value movements and Twitter activity.

As seen within the chart higher than, the VORTECS™ score for AUDIO hit a peak of sixty nine on February 28, simply before the beginning of a chronic uptrend in value that was more known by a VORTECS™ score of eighty on March one. Once pull back over subsequent three days the score once more spiked to seventy, simply hours before a big rise within the value of AUDIO.

On March 5, the project disclosed its plans to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFT) into the protocol as a part of its effort to supply a full-service localised platform and expand its user base.

NFTs became a hot topic within the cryptocurrency sector in recent months, and their integration into the AUDIO platform is probably going to bring a revived wave of interaction from users.

As blockchain technology continues to become additional distinguished in thought society, Audius seems well-positioned to become a frontrunner within the streaming music area because of a speedily increasing user base and a growing list of incentives that stimulate users to remain active on the platform.


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