Op-Ed: Crypto Money Transfers Are Still So Much Better Than Traditional Ones

Op-Ed: Crypto Money Transfers Are Still So Much Better Than Traditional Ones


It took me a long time to get comfortable with the idea of being paid in cryptocurrency. Don’t get me wrong, I have had money in bitcoin and ethereum for years, which I’ve watched grow, shrink, and grow again. But that money is, for all intents and purposes, disposable. I invested it with the long term in mind, and don’t plan on touching it for the foreseeable future. The payments I’m talking about, on the other hand, are my bread and butter. I cannot afford to keep them in the form of a currency that is constantly fluctuating. I knew that receiving my earnings in cryptocurrency would be instant and I’d be able to withdraw them before the value changed. Still, it made me nervous.

What didn’t help was the constant stream of naysayers when it comes to cryptocurrency in general, and crypto transfers specifically. Just a few weeks ago, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called cryptocurrency an extremely inefficient way to transfer money.

Fortunately, I chose to start making transfers this way regardless, and I have saved a lot of time and money. Here are the reasons crypto money transfers are still so much better than traditional ones.


Let’s start with the reason why cryptocurrency transfers are both better than other types of transfers and safer than people think. Cryptocurrency transfers happen immediately. Now, this may not seem all that impressive to you. Chances are, most payments you make are to another account at your bank or a different bank in your country.

They’ll go through immediately or take a day at most. However, foreign currency transfers take a lot longer. Many banks will take five to seven working days to process the transfer. This is not only incredibly frustrating, but creates cash flow problems for individuals and businesses that need to pay bills at the end of the month. Even the private money transfer companies who have made international transfers so much cheaper and easier still take a couple of days on each transfer.

Instant cryptocurrency transfers are a godsend for anyone who gets paid in foreign currency. This also eliminates the concern that your money will shrink before you get a chance to withdraw it. You can organize for the sender to transfer the money at a specific time, or even while you chat to them on the phone. It will come through at once and you will be able to immediately withdraw it. Cryptocurrency is still very volatile, but you’re not going to lose your income in a matter of minutes.


Cost is another major reason to transfer currency via cryptocurrency rather than traditional means. Even cheap foreign currency transfers cost you a percentage of the amount you are sending or receiving. Many cryptocurrency transfer platforms, on the other hand, are completely free.

Money transfer companies generally charge at least 1% of the sum being transferred. This adds up, especially if you are receiving money every month. Furthermore, if you go through a bank, you will be charged additional fees. They charge both fees and commissions. They also hide fees in the poor exchange rate they give you. With the advantages of speed and cost going for cryptocurrency transfers, what are people like Yellen talking about when they call it inefficient?

Crypto Concerns

If you know what you’re doing – and not going to leave your income in cryptocurrency long enough for it to be hurt by the volatility – crypto is an incredibly efficient means of transferring money… for you. For the planet, however, the story is somewhat different.

The practice of mining is an essential mechanism of cryptocurrency transactions. Miners of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies basically verify and legitimize transactions by solving complex mathematical problems. This might not sound like a big drain on environmental resources. But the complex processing involved in crypto mining actually leaves a carbon footprint equal to that of New Zealand!

Let’s face it. This is a problem that needs to be confronted at some point. If cryptocurrency comes at such a big environmental cost now, imagine what will happen when it becomes more mainstream. That being said, it does not change the fact that cryptocurrency is an efficient way of transferring foreign currency for you or your business. It is simply so much cheaper and quicker.

Janet Yellen does bring up the environmental cost of cryptocurrency in her warning. However, her concerns are more likely driven by another issue.

Illegal Activity

Cryptocurrency is independent of not only banks, but the financial systems of countries around the world. In other words, it can operate without revealing who you are to authorities or reporting your transactions. In fact, it just does not have access to that info.

This makes it an ideal mechanism for illegal activity. Individuals and businesses can use it to pay for illicit substances. They can evade taxes this way. Whole crime rings can and do run using cryptocurrency.

With this in mind, it is no wonder the US Treasury Secretary would rather people avoid using and further legitimizing cryptocurrency. The federal government has a lot to lose if crypto becomes more mainstream. However, if you are beginning to question whether crypto is a good transfer channel for you personally because of this, don’t stress about it. As long as you are using cryptocurrency for legal transfers, the weight of the potential consequences is not on your shoulders.

Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere and will continue to gain legitimacy, whether you use it or not. Governments need to figure out for themselves how to create laws around its use.

Furthermore, the problem is not as big as it may seem. Only 0.34% of crypto transactions were estimated to be connected to illicit activity.

Cryptocurrency is a great way to transfer money internationally. It will save you money on fees and exchange rates, and you will get your money instantly. There are overall concerns about the impact of cryptocurrency on the planet and the traditional financial systems, but these concerns need solutions rather than for people to avoid the mechanism entirely.


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Published at Thu, 11 Mar 2021 12:10:42 +0000