Collector goes down $1 Million for NBA Highest Shot moment initially bought for $100000

Collector goes down $1 Million for NBA Highest Shot moment initially bought for $100000


An NFT collector has twisted down a $1M proposal for a token portraying a basketball highpoint.

A collector of prized NFTs from Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot has twisted down a $1M proposal for a solitary token depicting Novel Orleans Pelicans’ pro basketball star Zion Williamson.

The collector’s jervine accepted the #1 Jersey Match S1 Holo Zion Williamson NFT on January 25 for $100K. The token is of ‘legendary’ infrequency, & was first delivered in the HOLOMMX pack throughout Series 1 of Highest Shot.

NBA Top Shot, a blockchain founded marketplace that lets NBA fans purchase infrequent multi-media “moments” portraying key players & tourist attractions from basketball past, has detonated in admiration in recent months, with Dapper moving to boundary how numerous new accounts are created on the stage in response to irresistible demand.

Though tokens with low serial numbers incline to fetch higher prices, instants that feature also “#1” serials, or serials that compete the jersey number of the player portrayed in the NFT are the greatest prized. With Zion Williamson’s jersey number being #1, cards containing him & his jersey-matching serial amount are additionally valuable.

Williamson is not the only player whose instants are attractive huge prices, with tokens portraying NFTs LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers lately selling for as abundant as $200K, $125K & $80K.

The development of NBA Top Shot has gotten collectors to amass the value of a million of NFTs subsequently its soft presentation in Oct. 2020. An NFT collector called “Pranks” ongoing off with a $600 early investment, which has twisted into a $7M collection of Top Shot Highlights.

The Wall Street Journal lately enclosed Top Shot collector Michael Levy, who consumed $175Kon  a collection that is now valued at roughly $20M.

Chief executive Roham Gharegozlou, of Dapper Labs, said the publication the side had not been ready for Top Shot’s short-tempered increase in popularity:

‘We saw this was rocket fuel The thing that astonished me is how rapidly mainstream basketball influencers adopted it.’


Head of the technology.

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