Nifty News: Ja Law’s Fyre Fest NFT, Trump tweet Dutch auction, Tezos muscles in

Nifty News: Ja Law’s Fyre Fest NFT, Trump tweet Dutch auction, Tezos muscles in


Nifty News is a round-up of all the NFT news that is fit to print. Today: Ja Law flogs Fyre Festival image, dance moves are tokenized, & a novel record price recorded for licensed NFT sports collectibles.

The newest celebrity to abruptly realize the huge artistic meaning of tokenized art or ‘cash in on’ depending on your viewpoint is singer & Fyre Festival co-creator Ja Rule — who is auctioning off a 48-inch-by-60-inch, oil-painting of the Fyre Fest’s corporate logo with supplementary NFT. The sale, which has a reserve price of $600K kicks off today on Flipkick.

The Fyre Festival was a much overvalued 2017 treat festival in the Bahamas containing $100K ticket packages that twisted into a legendary disaster. Co-founder Billy McFarland landed in custodial for 6 years over a $28M fraud, but Ja Rule was empty of any misconduct. He quite harbors ill feelings, however. ‘Fuck this painting’ he inscribes in his notes about the NFT & painting.

Rule’s long history with NFTs gives back at slightest ‘a couple of weeks — when he first exposed the idea. ‘I was not too educated on them, & I am still learning a huge about it,’ Forbes cited him as held.

‘I think people got a slight bit tired of the even stocks-and-bonds method of investing.’

Dance changes tokenized

The Beauty in the Streets execution arts company has joined with Enjin blockchain to let dancers tokenize their name moves as non-fungible token-founded ‘emotes’. The tokenized figurines signify particularly complicated moves — think Michael Jackson’s moonwalk — which is then vented to players to be used as lively emojis in contributing games.

The first tokenized move, Snap Boogie’s ‘Speedy Walkovers’ is up for sale today & can be rummage-sale in the Enjin motorized AlterVerse game.

Tezos discussions up green NFTs

Subsequent previous week’s art community backlash in contradiction of ArtStation over the environmental costs of minting NFTs, a novel NFT marketplace on Tezos is speaking up its energy competence. Tezos blockchain usages Liquid Proof of Stake that is significantly more energy well-organized than ETH’s Proof of Work — at smallest until Eth2 gets rolling.

Hic et Nunc, an NFT marketplace caused by Brazilian developer Rafael Lima, has been living for about 2 weeks now. Digital art luminary Mike Tyka has now minted his Representations of Imaginary People group as NFTs, including work before exhibited at Christie’s. He says:

‘Minting NFTs using ETH would wipe out years of trying to decrease my climate footprint at the click of a button. After realizing some optional alternatives, I touched that if I am going to arrive in this space, I need to support what I see as the only applied & ethical future of NFTs.’

Famous anti-Trump Chirp for sale

Next in the footsteps of Jack Dorsey auctioning an autographed NFT of the world’s first Tweet on Loots (bidding is up to $2.5M), political newscast site The Recount is selling a 1:1 edition of a virus-related tweet sharing a video that collated President Trump’s eccentric coronavirus statements from March 2020. Named ‘Trump’s Coronavirus Calendar’ the tweet was watched by almost 9M people at the time. The auction starts today on the NFT market, Zora.

Cristiano Ronaldo collectible vends for a record $290000

An infrequent soccer collectible containing Juventus onward Cristiano Ronaldo vended for $289,920 on the weekend. It Is the uppermost price hitherto seen for a formally licensed sports trading card (even border out NBA’s Highest Shot). The collectible was a portion of the Sorare fantasy soccer game, which is legitimately licensed by 126 of the world’s highest teams.


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