eGirls in the C-Suite: The ‘symposium storming crypto venture capital

eGirls in the C-Suite: The ‘symposium storming crypto venture capital


What do you become when you cross a cat, a Pokemon, & an Iron Age fighter? A venture capital fund, of course!

One of the toughest puzzles in crypto is reckoning out what to take extremely.

On Friday, the DeFi Association — a decentralized finance startup incubator & accelerator — proclaimed a list of 11 new members. Some were foreseeable, such as oracle breadwinner Chainlink & VC stalwart Blockchain Capital, but one designation stood out in particular: eGirl Capital, the social media menace & nobody venture capital outfit enthused by a horned-up Internet subculture.

The declaration encouraged an industry-wide heavy sigh & impression of the eyes:

eGirl members, like Degen Spartan, are known just as much for their cogent examination of crypto’s disreputably complex markets as they are for posting nonentity but lively porn for weeks at a time. One member — may be one of the best & happiest on crypto Twitter — dons the social media persona of a Pokemon, Ditto, that has distorted into a couch so that people will innocently sit on them. The group of memetic touchstones animating these numerous comedic bits is too wearing to summarize & likely value an anthropological study.

Though its strength is easy to pass the group off as a joke absent too far by that normal the t-rex in Jurassic Park is a pet that got off-leash, eGirl has been comprised in some high-profile press announcements of late. The group contributed in a $4.9M funding round for decentralized finance protocol Alchemix & has also proclaimed investments in Radicle & Unisocks. They’ll be freeing the first episode of an in-house podcast series subsequent week.

As for their funding, in a question & answer document, this reporter wedged a glimpse of a figure previous to a committee decision to delete it & proposal no comment in an exertion to seem more “mysterious”; if accurate, it was amazingly high.

Their influx on the investment scene comes during a period of professionalization & institutional adoption for crypto. Hedge funds that before discharged cryptocurrencies as a scam are now located up trading desks. The assets are getting to be so uninteresting that retirement funds are assigning money into digital currencies.

eGirl made it strong, though, that they are willing & maybe eager to lob a glitter bomb into the midst of the progressively buttoned-up affair. As DAO & community development specialist Pet3rpan put it:

‘egirl/eboy aesthetic is a big fuck you to traditional principles of a culture of the previous 10 years, we don’t care that we aren’t cool.’

Anon VCs, Anon currency, Anon projects

Old-style venture capital organizations carry varying degrees of utility to a project also money. Delphi Digital, for example, can vigorously contribute to the architecting & engineering of the tokenomics & contracts of a protocol. Numerous offers public relations know-how & can attract important publicity.

So why would anyone work with an organization overpoweringly peopled with anons? And, similarly, what do the anons think they can carry to the table?

‘Crypto was happening by an anonymous creator with strong pseudonymity built into the heart of the bitcoin protocol & all those who shadowed it. Bitcoin is stronger for it too,’ said Eva Beylin, one of eGirl’s few ‘doxxed’ members & the director of The Graph Foundation. “While egirl has capitalized in a wide variety of anon & non-anon projects, anon funds funding anon teams can opposite this trend & bring back the privacy preservative qualities we all value deep down in our heart of hearts.”

eGirl member Scoopy Trooples, who is also a core team member for eGirl portfolio procedure Alchemix, noted that eGirl’s participation was key in serving to make ideas & refine the project’s wider dream. In a Tweet, they also thanked eGirl for bootstrapping liquidity, developing insider connections, & promoting the project:

These aids are derived in share from the wide variety of backgrounds the various eGirls represent, & in part from the knowledge all members have with the ecosystem.

eGirl is dedicated to supporting decentralized primitives for apps & DeFi. We’re recurrent users & contributors so we know first-hand what brings value to operators & the community. Also, memes & anime.’

In some ways, their emergence feels unavoidable: if traditional VCs are progressively comfortable investing in anon sides & DAOs, why wouldn’t the VCs finally go anon themselves?

‘eGirl capital is just the resultant product of a world where traditional limits & limits are finally being broken through,’ said Twitter trader & character loomdart. ‘We are regressive to a system with fewer handrails, & though this might seem scary it lets true talent stand out, unimpeded by historical ties.’

He shadowed this quote up soon after with a message bemoaning it for sounding too abundant like a “battle cry from the war of the roses.” It was clear, however, that he destined it.


While eGirl might be the first popular instance of an all-anon crypto VC, it won’t be the previous. Given how they’re moderately long in the tooth, the group obtainable some advice for innovative frog avatars looking to form their investment organizations, counting members holding each other accountable with obviously defined roles & taking time to develop urbane, high-conviction investment theses.

‘The nature of an anon decentralized collective is naturally to be very ad-hoc about things. While this may work in the initial days, founding norms & organizational structure to the collective will aid the group to coordinate & persist,’ they said.

The irony, of course, is that eGirl himself leftovers self-evidently ad hoc. When this journalist asked if it would be suitable to refer to a member as a “partner at eGirl Capital,” the question set off a short-lived flurry of debate about whether “partner” entails lawful connotations & if the word indirect a formal hierarchy. Dissimilar members even obtainable contradictory answers as to whether or not the group can be careful a VC in the traditional intelligence:

‘eGirl isn’t a VC, we’re simps. We’re a grassroots group of donors that support projects with strong sides & visions. eGirl includes business leaders, engineers, meme creators, product managers, technical analysts, & investors,’ they said.

So what occurs when the group lastly decides what, exactly, it is? When the joke goes as far as it can, pushing the eGirls — whether in malice of or due to the anonymity, anime, & bad puns — into the same lofty echelons of achievement as the Alamedas & the Delphis of the world?

They obtainable a humble vision:

‘First, she is an eGirl, then she develops an eWoman & future an eQueen.’


Head of the technology.

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