BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes surrenders in Hawaii, free on $10M bond

BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes surrenders in Hawaii, free on $10M bond


The former chief executive officer of BitMEX was given in Hawaii and was later free once posting a $10 million bond.

Former BitMEX chief executive officer Arthur Hayes gave to U.S. authorities in Hawaii on Tues, six months once federal prosecutors 1st levied charges against him and 3 fellow BitMEX executives.

In a statement, Hayes’ lawyers delineated the Singapore resident as “a successful enterpriser UN agency has been incorrectly defendant of crimes that he failed to commit,” adding:

“Mr. Hayes voluntarily appeared in court and appears forward to fighting these unwarranted charges.”

Hayes was free once posting a $10 million bail unfinished future proceedings in ny.

Hayes’ lawyers planned his surrender in Hawaii last month. Discussions focused around Hayes’ potential unharness subject to the $10 million bail, his retention of a passport for travel between Singapore and therefore the u. s., and a discharge of surrender reciprocally set by each party.

Hayes’ illustration began talks with the U.S. government once his indictment was unsealed in October 2020.

The government accuses Hayes, BitMEX co-owners mount Delo and Greg Dwyer, and former BitMEX CTO prophet Reed of violating the Bank Secrecy Act by failing to keep up adequate anti-money washing safeguards and failing to forestall U.S. residents from accessing the exchange despite the corporate not being registered with the artifact Futures mercantilism Commission.

Reed was in remission in October, whereas Delo voluntarily gave in to authorities last month, with each pleading acquitted and being free on bond. Dwyer remains at large, but his lawyers state they need to notify the U.S. government on Dwyer’s whereabouts and intention to fight the charges against him.


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