9 Weird things you can buy with Bitcoin

9 Weird things you can buy with Bitcoin


In the last year, the value of Bitcoin has risen from $10,000 to $30,000, drawing investors’ attention. The original motive of Bitcoin is to provide a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, where the user has complete control without having to rely on the fiat currencies issued by the government.

Bitcoin indeed has not reached every household as a conventional currency yet, but you will be surprised to know the places where you can spend your Bitcoins. EvenBitcoin future software is a revolutionary automated trading tool that can profit from the cryptocurrency market every day.

Real Estate

The first house sold entirely for Bitcoin was in 2017. It was a house in Essex, United Kingdom, which sold out for $480,000.

Buying real estate with bitcoins is still not the preferred way, but the process is far less daunting now. Some cryptocurrency-specific realtors allow you to spend your Bitcoins in the right place. There are even aids for anyone who doesn’t have enough coins to purchase the entire property. Numerous cryptocurrency real estate investment trusts (REITs) are getting developed. Once they are up and running, cryptocurrency users would have the opportunity to purchase digitized shares.


Starting from casual loungewear to designer outfits, dozens of clothing outlets accept payments in Bitcoin. There are e-commerce websites that can help you build your entire wardrobe, including Italian-made suits, trousers, shirts, and more.

Etsy, a renowned global e-Commerce platform, has instructed its sellers to broadcast acceptance of Bitcoin payments as progressive marketing. Collaboration between Blockonomics and WordPress made the integration of Bitcoin payments on the website possible. Users can create their website on WordPress easily by paying with Bitcoins.

Platforms like Bitrefill that provide vouchers for top food chains have widened their payment modes by introducing Bitcoins. Due to the fear of missing out, gaming platforms have come on board to let you purchase gaming gift cards with this cryptocurrency. Similarly, gift cards for groceries and personal accessories are available for bitcoin holders.

As the world is trying to stay updated with trends, the ever-brimming industry cannot hold back on accepting bitcoins. So, the jewelry and accessories industry made it convenient for cryptocurrency users to use the token both in physical and online stores. Everything from jewelry to diamonds to watches is now available with bitcoins.


It made the first commercial transaction with Bitcoin in the year 2010 to buy pizzas. A developer paid 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. That was a mere amount then, but now it would have cost him around 40 million, making it the most expensive pizza ever bought.

In the light of that transaction, Pizza Hut is trying to keep the spirit alive in Venezuela. In November 2020, the company announced a partnership with Cryptobayer to enable Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to make money options available. But this is not the first time any restaurant chain or ordering service is making this option available. Lieferando, a German takeaway giant, takes Bitcoin, and with Lightning Network coming into the scenario, it is easier to order your Dominos Pizza.

Looking at the current price of Bitcoin, investing a whole Bitcoin might seem unreasonable. But now, buying a pizza would need only a tiny fraction of it.

Luxury Cars and Private Jets

If you have enough stash to buy a Lamborghini or other supercars, cryptocurrency is the way to go for. Numerous dealers stock luxury brands like Porsche, Mclaren, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and others, and you can quickly pay through your bitcoins.  For someone who has a more classic and less flashy taste, there are options like off-road UTVs, motorhomes, and classic cars.

In the case of cars are not enough to satisfy your passion, private jets are available too. If you were sharp enough to bought Bitcoins in their initial stages and now have $40 million worth of bitcoins lying around, you can go to a firm and check out modern aircraft.


Knowing that virtual private networks (VPNs) are all about concealing your online identity, it was one of the first services considered in Bitcoins. It is essential to note you might not be able to stay completely anonymous, as crypto forensics firms and governments have the means to track your payments, and most exchanges incorporate KYC policies.


Although the pandemic has restricted people’s vacation plans, the tourist destinations are cautiously starting to open up. The tickets are selling cheap, which might be the right time if you are yearning for a vacation. Some platforms accept online hotel bookings with Bitcoins. Certain websites also allow airline bookings, and they have been one of the early adopters of Bitcoin payments, bringing the cryptocurrency to use for realistic purchases. However, the charge for booking flights or hotels with Bitcoins will be slightly more expensive than with conventional payment modes.

Bringing some bigger guns into the picture, if you are a space fanatic, Virgin Galactic, the project of Richard Branson, provides you with the opportunity to book seats with Bitcoins for a space trip. Although the seats are currently reserved, that’s a futuristic combo we have been waiting for.

World’s “First” Bitcoin Watch

If you are bored with your old Casio and fascinating about something which only a few people can get their hands on, buy an Encrypto Watch. This timepiece is available for you to purchase using bitcoins.

Franck Muller Steampunk Limited Edition Encrypto Watch stands out in every way. With $17,380, you can get your hands on this limited edition, which is only 250 in number. The beautiful steel case and rose gold dial make a stunning appearance. You will find the watch engraved with a QR code address representing the genesis block, the dial displays a unique public discourse, and the private key this address is sealed in a USB.

If you feel this watch is an unrealistic option, some online retailers sell luxury watches within a decent price range, where you can pay with Bitcoins.


If you are looking out to do something useful with your bitcoins, make donations to charity. Some prominent charity organizations have witnessed potential in blockchain technology to increase aid efficiency and cut down on charity fraud.

This technology provides complete transparency in transactions, helping you track where your donation is going. You can accuse the foundations if they decide to re-route your bitcoins for their selfish agendas.

Anything PayPal allows you to buy

PayPal has announced its new service that rolls out its users’ possibility to purchase bitcoins and a handful of other cryptocurrencies. The service is only for US account holders as this country has openly legalized the use of cryptocurrency. The process is set to start this year. The feature they highlighted is that you are not required to have a different wallet to save your bitcoins as you can hold them within the site. There are 28 million global merchants who accept payments through PayPal, who will now be able to complete transactions in cryptocurrencies. This will give a massive base for the crypto tokens to enter households and accept it as a convenient payment method.

Fiat currencies will still be used as an intermediary to make the transactions possible. You spend your bitcoins on the PayPal account to purchase goods or services, but merchants will be paid in local currencies by the platform. Although, for you, the result is the same. You are spending your crypto to buy what you want.

There are two limitations that analysts have not stopped talking about. The first problem is that you are not given the freedom to update your Paypal wallet with the bitcoins you might already have in other wallets. You can only make use of the bitcoins you have bought through PayPal itself. Another restriction stops you from transferring bitcoins in your PayPal account to another wallet.

However, this is a far-fetched goal; the process will take time to roll out fully. But it is not long before you get access to spend cryptocurrencies on nearly anything.

How to use Bitcoin Online

Bitcoins are peer-to-peer online payment modes; they are more fit for websites than physical stores. There are more options for spending your bitcoin online. To portray a progressive media plan, some large enterprises have gone all-in to introduce blockchain technology to set up bitcoin purchases on their website. Other businesses are only dipping their toes in this new trend with the hope of building a more extensive consumer base.

Although the volatility of Bitcoin has made it an instrument of investment, it is much easier now to put them to daily use for purchasing goods and services online. The websites make the process very smooth by allowing you to click on “Pay with Bitcoin.” They will ask for your wallet information, which is often a QR code. Then you need to confirm the information, and viola, your order is placed.


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